Welcome to Dendright

Dendright is developing novel tolerizing immunotherapies to treat autoimmune disease, such disorders being characterised by dysregulated immune responses to self (auto) antigens.

The Company’ s technology targets dendritic cells that present and orchestrate the body’s immune responses to foreign and self-antigens. Dendright’s tolerizing immunotherapies act to down regulate the immune system rather than to activate it, such that immune responses to given self-antigens are ‘turned off’. By targeting the cause of autoimmune disease rather than treating the symptoms, Dendright’s immunotherapies offer the potential long-lasting treatment by working with the body’s own immune system to fight disease.  

In parallel to its therapeutic programs, Dendright is also committed to developing treatment-specific companion biomarkers to both assist in identifying patients and monitoring their responses to therapy.

Dendright’s lead program is a novel immunotherapy for the treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. This program received seed funding through a collaboration struck with Janssen in 2012.

Dendright’s tolerizing platform technology is widely applicable to a variety of autoimmune diseases with the Company actively seeking industry partners for these programs. Please see the Contact Us page for enquiries and details of where Dendright will be presenting at industry meetings and scientific congresses.