Discovery to Platform Technology

Professor Ranjeny Thomas discovered that by turning off a key molecule in the immune cascade (NF kappa B), dendritic cells could be changed from an activating phenotype to a phenotype that suppresses the immune system in an antigen-specific manner.

Dendritic cells are key cells in the immune system that present antigens to T cells. Dendritic cells can present proteins (antigens) from infectious agents or from the body’s own tissues and organs. Inflammatory presentation of self-antigens can lead to autoimmune disease in a certain proportion of the population.

Dendright has translated this discovery into a tolerizing immunotherapy platform technology to treat autoimmune diseases. The NF kappa B inhibitor and the disease-specific antigen are co-presented to the immune system in a liposome formulation. 

Immunotherapy is specifically designed to re-program the body’s own immune system to “silence” those T cells that cause severe chronic autoimmune diseases.

Dendright’s researchers have shown that its liposome-based therapy causes dendritic cells to silence rather than activate the immune system such that it turns off immune responses to given antigens.

Dendright's platform technology has the potential to be applied to the treatment of many different autoimmune diseases.